my little airport,香港獨立樂隊,成員有阿p(主曲+詞+編)和nicole(主唱),歌曲內容離不開暗戀和自殺,以灰到爆的歌詞配sweet到漏的melody見稱。自以為玩緊post punk/krautrock,卻被國際權威音樂網站allmusic.com選為07年全球twee-est band。在近乎零成本的睡房製作下,出版過三張專輯:《在動物園散步才是正經事》(2004)、《只因當時太緊張》(2005)、《我們在炎熱與抑鬱的夏天,無法停止抽煙》(2007)。唱片先後被西班牙、國內、台灣、韓國多間廠牌睇中,發行成當地版。向來反技術的my little airport甚少出show,但每次都會以full band上陣,曾多次應邀往北京、上海、廣州、台灣、新加坡、馬來西亞等地演出,每次演出都觸目驚心。

my little airport, Hong Kong indie band, founded by songwirter Ah P and vocalist Nicole. Sometimes it seems the duo my little airport are impossibly cute. Their music is twee, their aesthetic coy, Casio keyboards and lightweight call-and-response ditties about “toddling” in the zoo and forbidden romances are their calling cards, and their live shows are happy, clappy affairs. In spite of all this, they have a wicked streak that is as funny as it is naughty, with songs about porn. (from Hong Kong Time Out Magazine) They are voted as the twee-est band on the world renowned music website, in 2007. They record their albums in the comfort and the privacy of their own homes with minimal budget. Since 2004, they have released 3 albums: “The OK thing to do on Sunday afternoon is toddle in the Zoo”(2004), “Because I was too nervous at that time”(2005), and “We can’t stop smoking in the vicious and blue summer”(2007). The albums have been pitched by indie labels in Spain, China, Taiwan and Korea, and its localized versions are released. Not only their albums are released overseas, they travel to various cities for performances and music festivals, and one of their songs “You Don’t Wanna Be My Girlfriend” has just been covered by revered veteran Scottish indie-pop band BMX Bandits.